Cat509's Computer Class Page

These are computer classes I have taken, am in the process of taking, or will be taking.

I took basic in middle school and high school and pascal in high school.

AA in Computer Science
Status Year Course Instructor
Complete 1988 Survey of  Computer Information Systems
Complete 1997 The Internet
Complete 1998 The Internet Web Publishing
Complete 1999 Power Point Level 1
Complete 2001 Excel Spreadsheet
Complete 2002 Word Processing Software - MS Word
Complete 2002 Intro to Javascripting
Complete 2003 MS Access :Database Management
Complete 2003 Windows Operatiing System: Level 1
Complete 2003 Windows Desktop Design : MS Publisher
Complete 2003 Microcomputers Setup and Maintenance
Complete 2004 Survey of Multimedia Technology
Complete 2004 Computer Graphics : Adobe Photoshop
Complete 2004 E-Commerce
Complete 2005 Project Management Software : Level 1 MS Project
Complete 2005 XML Application Development
Complete 2006 Windows Operatiing System: Level 2

Data & Blockchain
Status Year Course Instructor
Complete 2018 Advanced Microsoft Excel 2016 Gale Courses
Coming Soon Advanced Excel Universal Class
Complete 2018
Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2016
Gale Courses

HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Status Year Course Instructor
Complete 2016
Responsive Web Design
Gale Courses
Complete 2013 Introduction to CSS3 and HTML5 Gale Courses

Status Year Course Instructor
Complete 2015 Introduction to SQL Gale Courses
Complete 2015 Getting Started with Python Coursera
Coming Soon Programming Foundations: Fundamentals
Coming Soon Welcome to The Complete 2019 Web Development Bootcamp Udemy
Coming Soon Welcome to The Web Developer Bootcamp Udemy
In Progress 2018 Introduction to Programming Gale Courses

Microsoft Office
Status Year Course Instructor
Complete 2013
Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2010
Gale Courses

Library Related Classes
Status Year Course Instructor
Coming Soon Online Privacy and Security Udemy
Coming Soon Organize Your Life with Moble Apps Udemy
Complete 2014 Copyright for Educators & Librarians Coursera

Learn to setup your own local developement environment
Get Better at HTML, CSS, and Javascript
Learn about Data and Blockchain

Web Development Checklist
Open the computer’s terminal

Use a text editor (bonus points if you have a specific reason for choosing it)
Use some keyboard shortcuts
Write tests for your code
Help another web developer with something they’re having trouble with
Attend an event about web development
Follow developers you admire on social media
Read books about coding
Open your browser console
Push code to GitHub or GitLab or BitBucket
Speak about something web development-related at an library event
Complete a technical interview
Participate in a hackathon
Deploy a project
Contribute to open source